Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I realized this morning that one of my most valued personal ambitions is timespace.  There is always enough time to do things, and usually relax a bit*, but it's great to have more room in the schedule to really enjoy the time.  Timespace is when I've woken up early enough to do some reading before work, or the miraculous weekend day with nothing scheduled.  Timespace is what I miss when I have something booked every night after work, or try to schedule an hour of exercise every day, or have so much to do that I'm scrambling from place to place.  I'm probably greedy wanting some every day, but it's the most luxurious feeling I know.

It's tough to maintain it, because timespace's enemy isn't usually the things I have to do - it's the things I want to do.  I love meeting up with people, getting things done, staying up late for a movie or to write the day's blog post, but then I feel temporally scrunched until the next potential timespace.  I'm not sure of the best approach to resolve this, but I'll need discipline to find a smoother balance.  This seems like an area to work on as a goal.

*I don't have children, but I understand those of you who do are probably aghast that I'm so greedy as to want more than a little relaxation.  Please don't hate me.

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  1. Isn't it funny when you want timespace AND the thing that takes it away. We are so complicated. :)