Friday, August 6, 2010


The Onion wrote a story about the 350,000 clones that eminent Sports Illustrated writer Peter King must use to visit so many training camps and file so many stories. King's response on Twitter: "I am honored, Onion." (fyi his Twitter ID is SI_PeterKing if you'd like to follow him - he is a good writer and better journalist.)

That might be the highest praise - being so well known that satire uses you as its starting point. Could also be the lowest condemnation, as Lindsay Lohan has proven. I'm sure Mr. King has more straightforward awards that he treasures more, but I see this as a larger acknowledgement from the fringes - he's not just the ink in his magazine, he's now others' paper.

Being such a presence beckons as an interesting goal - how would one train for that? (I'm betting not using the third person would be a good start.)

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