Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Only 3 Days?

Writing daily shouldn't hurt, but I'm already out of ideas. It's like half-mile #2 would be for me in training for a marathon (ok, ok, half-mile #1). So break out the first crutch: time to work on one of my goals.

I want to "improve my health" - what does that mean?
  • get rid of diabetes (temporarily, it will return as I get older)
  • not have to take daily medication
  • not sweat in normal temperatures/activities
  • be able to help with normal efforts like moving people into new homes
  • only need the Tall part of Big & Tall clothing stores
Pretty much it means losing weight - otherwise I'm healthier than probably most of you think. Bad cholesterol, blood pressure, heart measurements, it's all pretty good. So let's set a target of weighing 250 pounds - that will at least put me in sight of all of those goals.

I know the basics of how to get there. Suggestions are always welcome, although I can't promise to follow through on any particular one.

Stretch goal: dunk a basketball. God gave me the first 100 inches - I just need to provide 20 more.

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