Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beyond Air Conditioning

I hate heat. I'm not a fan of exercising, but especially exposed to heat, bright sunlight, heat, bugs, heat, and so many things air conditioning seems to protect me from. Tonight I took a walk just as the sun dipped below the horizon, and headed out to some nearby fields instead of the tree-lined park or the little boxes made of ticky-tacky.

The colors were amazing - the sky went from afternoon blue across to the dark grey of approaching night. The clouds were at various times fiery red and orange, fluffy white, and a darkening purple as the light shifted west. More engrossing to me was the massive tapestry of different greens woven across the fields and trees with occasional sparks of red and yellow flowers. The entire tableau just hit me as something worth leaving the air conditioning behind. Well, sometimes, at least.

Here's to finding more things to draw me out.


  1. I heard there were supposed to be northern lights last night, but I missed it. Something about a solar eruption in the direction of the earth. Glad you got to enjoy the sunset though.

    Where does one get so many books with no titles on the spine? Is it like a science fiction story where all the words disappear once you read them?

  2. They're all Kindles in vintage 60s-book-spine covers. A little overwhelming though - the template might change at some point.