Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Started

I'm stealing an idea from my preacher - that seems like a sin, but I bet he's OK with it. Wade Hodges discussed the difference between trying (making an effort but with a plan in place for failure) and training - not just doing, but preparing and practicing in an effort to live a life where you can do the committed act more naturally. That concept clicked with me. So I'm Training.

Now I just need a goal to train to. Defining that goal has been surprisingly difficult. Two things I know I want to work towards are improving my health (overweight diabetic in mid-30s) and writing. Most training is towards one goal, but I need more than that to stay active, so I'm aiming for 3 things right now: get healthier, write every day, and get the goals worded well.

Not all of my posts will be about the process - that would really stunt any potential growth in writing. But initially I'm sure I'll talk more about each of these. I hope any readers out there enjoy this journey with me, and please comment - conversations are always more fun than yelling into the void.


  1. Sounds good, bro. I'm looking forward to reading what you have to write. =)

  2. Once school is done next week I am up for some walking laps around a park/track somewhere as I will not have the green light to start jogging/running by then.

    Let me know if you would like some company.


  3. As you train, I find it's helpful in my life to not just set a goal, but strive toward a future story. Donald Miller wrote about this in his last book, and it's big in the business and non-profit world. Instead of having disjointed goals, you paint a picture of the future you. What stories do you want to tell? What will future Charles look like, act like, feel like? Are you going to get healthier so you can hike some mountain and then write about it.

    That's my suggestion. Just like Lance Armstrong trains for the Tour de France by picturing himself winning it, you can train to the story you want to write.

  4. Steve, glad to see you here.

    Trevor, absolutely - what happened?

    Justin, thanks for the phrasing - I will keep it in mind as I get to the goal part of this.