Sunday, August 8, 2010


While Laura was in Scotland, the TV shows had voiceovers describing the action, which detracted from the experience. For example, the movie Catwoman featured "Patience knocks out the thief with a carefully placed scissor kick, but leaves him alive," and "Patience wears leather pants with feline slashes highlighting her legs and bottom." I've tried to watch a children's anime series from my youth called Robotech, in which a narrator at least 3 times an episode has to tell us which way the characters and plot are moving because the writers couldn't do anything coherently.

How would I want my life narrated for the Truman Show I'm undoubtedly starring in? I'd go with the stream-of-consciousness torrent of Scrubs, from my perspective. Maybe with a cooler voice though, say James Earl Jones? (No offense to Zach Braff, who's great, just not for me.) Or the voice could change as needed - sometimes Jones, sometimes Anthony Stewart Head, sometimes Ian McKellan, sometimes Billy Dee Williams (I probably wouldn't need that one very much), sometimes Terry Tate. All those voices would make life almost as much fun as the old Fox show Herman's Head.

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  1. In all fairness to the studio that did Macross, Robotech was an amalagation of three distinct and different series that an american company put together to get enough episodes to meet syndication requirements. The stories were mucked with a bit, scenes cut, etc.

    I'll take James Earl Jones, a full orchestra and scoring by John Williams.