Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goals: Round 1

Not much progress towards all-encompassing life goals, but I will pursue a few goals from Goals 0.0.  I want a Health goal because it's important, a Communication goal because that frustrates me so much, and a Nerdness goal because ... well, it's fun.  Today's winners are:
Health: Slam dunk a basketball successfully on 5 consecutive tries.
Nerdness: Memorize the major bodies of water in the world.  I've got it narrowed down to 211.*
Communication: Keep up this blog.  I've written a post for each of the last 30 days, but I want to hit 100 before adding another goal, so we'll revisit this on November 10.
I'll further elaborate the first two goals and my approaches in later posts, but for now, let the games begin!

*I found my spreadsheet for memorizing all 50 U.S. states and capitals, and have them down again.  Feel free to quiz me on this in any way at any point in time - gotta stay on my toes.


  1. what city lost out to Austin for the state capital of Texas?

  2. What was the original capital of Nebraska?

  3. @happy All of them, although I think I remember Waco and Houston being official candidates.

    @Jack confirmed my guess that it was the current capital Lincoln, but then I found the capital of the Nebraska Territory was Omaha (then Omaha City).

  4. What would truly and deeply impress me is if you memorized the states in the order in which they joined the Union.

  5. @Andrew to the left of its nose. (And to the right!)