Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Filling the Gaps

What's more important in a blog?  Writing every day, or having something worth writing about?  The first is my goal, so I'll default in that direction, but it feels ... wasteful.  Not of my time - the practice can't hurt - but the audience deserves better, right?

Well, only you can decide what you deserve.  Please comment on how you'd like me to fill future days when no ideas are worth a full post (I've spent an hour starting and rejecting entries on Brett Favre's unretirement, a review of The Expendables, and Dr. Laura's Palin-level incomprehension of the First Amendment).  Use writing prompts?  Creative writing?  Stories from my life?  Jokes?  Pictures of cute kittens?  Something else I haven't come up with?

All ideas are welcome!

Since I have failed in my duty to enlighten and entertain, please enjoy this video on how to get people to use the stairs instead of the escalator:


  1. In my opinion, the discipline of writing every day is more important. When I was trying something like this and got stuck (obviously I failed at it long term :) ), I had a book of writing prompts I'd use. Or I'd just pick an event from my day and try to offer a (usually humorous) perspective on it, even if it was trivial.

  2. Chuck, I'd like to see some more book recs/reviews. It's hard for expats like me to keep up on what's new and interesting.

  3. I would think the expendables would be rather ripe for evisceration. Movie was pure excrement, they couldn't even get the one liners down. Highlight, maudlin conversation between Rourke and Stallone about their "souls" which is greatly diminished by the distraction of how utterly screwed up they both look after too much plastic surgery and steroids.