Sunday, September 19, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

My church meets every Sunday morning in an aerobics/meeting room at the Clay Madsen Recreation Center.  The room has a wall-to-wall mirror behind the speaker, which we cover with a light curtain to mute the reflections so that they don't distract us.  Behind our main seating is an open section used to greet arrivals with breakfast tacos.

This morning, during one of our worship songs, a woman took her fussy baby back into that area, followed by her elementary-school-age daughters.  In the open area, the girls danced to the worship music - nothing formal or even elegant, just enjoying and really participating.  I could only see ethereal reflections through the mirror's curtain, but their motion conveyed a pure celebratory response to the worship.  I envied them - dancing's certainly not my mode of expression, but to get caught up in praising God like that ... that's what I hope for every time, and witnessing is a pretty good compromise when I can't achieve my own immersion.

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