Monday, September 13, 2010


There goes my consecutive streak (I also lost my QRANK streak!).  No particular reason, although posting my Thad story last week got me out of my daily routine.  But that was then, and I'll pick it up and keep moving forward.  No plans to "make up" for the lost weekend, but I'm open to multiple posts when inspiration hits.

Now, on to a less meta- posting.

Traffic, like fortune, favors the bold.  What it does not favor is the white Yukon who, after driving with an empty lane to her right for a good quarter-mile, swerved into the lane just as I got to her back bumper in said right lane, THEN flipped her turn signal on.  She did this twice.  If she'd tried it a third time, I might have let insurance teach her a lesson.  Grr.  Arg.

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