Thursday, September 9, 2010

Story, Part The Final!

The story began here and continued here.  Now that you'll have read the entire story, please let me know any suggestions for a title or any way to improve it.

Letus flew Sir Thad back to the cave where they’d fought, wanting to show him something it had found.  When Thad dismounted, Letus walked to a large box and tore off the cover to reveal a human skeleton.  Princess Penelope’s coronet had even been laid across her skull.  Sir Thad turned on Letus, drawing his sword.
“How could you do this?  What about your promise?” is what Thad planned to say, but the dragon attacked so quickly, disarming him and breaking his right leg that it came out as, “How cou-aaaahhhhh!  My leg!”
The dragon started licking its lips faster.  “Let us speak of our relationship, of which you know nothing!  First, I can breathe a heatless blaze, which you noticed makes metal glow.  This is my real fire.”  Letus snorted a small stream of orange fire at Sir Thad’s foot, producing crispy evidence.  Thad tried not to cry out, but leaked a whimper.
“Second, no magic can connect people.  While you focused on attacking me, I sliced Penelope’s nose –she couldn’t even tell what had happened.” Something hit Thad in the chest, and fell into his lap.  It was a tiny dried husk that had completed his wife’s face years ago.  “I’ve had to look at your snout trophy all this time.  This has been my trophy, and you will look at it while we play.
“Third, I was so pleased Penelope didn’t like me.  I was ready to enchant your discord, but you let the skies come between you far better than my insinuations could.
“Fourth, let us speak of the dragon way.  We taste more subtle flavors.  Specifically, fear and despair suffuse the body with such delectable chemicals that – well, why eat anything otherwise?  You both smelled delicious many years ago because you were so very scared.  But now, now you’ve got so much more to lose, and layer your horror at the other’s suffering on top of your pain.  She was my greatest feast so far, but each bite of you will be good enough to drive me mad!”
While Thad’s story continued for several days, this story ends here.  No reason to make you, dear reader, tastier dragon bait.

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