Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Watch this Walgreen's ad (skip to 21 seconds to avoid the pharmacist), and skip to the next paragraph, or here's the description: As the narrator describes flu shots, a happy couple comes out of Walgreen's wearing stickers saying "I got mine for HIM" ("HER" for the man).  Throughout their day, germy types sneeze on them and insist on shaking their hands.  When the couple get home, they walk straight in to the cribs and lift up their babies - the HIM/HER are the kids!  Aww.  Sweet.

Except they've been gone all day, LEAVING THEIR BABIES HOME ALONE IN THEIR CRIBS!!!  That's some old-school-don't-come-crying-to-me parenting right there.  But at least their flu shots keep them from infecting their children.  Still sweet?


In Reperconcussions news, TMQ leads with an excellent review of anti-concussion technology and strategies, and how the NFL isn't promoting any of it.


  1. You and your "logic". I much prefer imagining some anti-vaccination marketer plotting, "How can I spread the message nationwide that only terrible parents would ever use vaccinations in a way that Walgreen's will promote?"

  2. Charles, you just made me laugh out loud, and as a result caused Lisa to miss a line from Top Chef.