Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today I finished a New Yorker.  Not particularly noteworthy, except I hadn't brought along any other books or magazines!  I was pageless!  I wouldn't say I panicked, but I was restless and jumpy.  Now I have my Science News, but it was an odd feeling.  I don't think I've been in that state since Laura's last family reunion when I gave a book to a cousin-twice-removed-in-law or something (who is awesome, I just can't trace the family tree) only to find out my iPhone couldn't find a network in Indiana.  That was a rough night until Barnes & Noble opened the next morning.

I have a problem.  Does admitting it help?


Only 27 hours to go - almost done with the What-If series.  Danielle made an excellent entry in yesterday's comments, which was:
Okay, here you go: What if Jo Rowling had died before writing the seventh book, presumably by being accidentally buried under one of the truckloads of cash being delivered to her house thrice daily? Sure, Alan Rickman knew Snape was good, but did he have enough detail to fill in the gaps? Would we have been doomed to crappy fanfic endings to the epic series, or would Warner Bros have protected its potential movie earnings by designating a team of highly qualified literati to write book seven? For that matter, Warner Bros could have taken advantage of Rowling's absence to carry on the series/cash flow for far longer than it should have lasted, giving us ten more volumes at a fraction of the quality.
Thank you Danielle!  My turn:

What If Dean knocked up Ginny?  Seriously, a series that includes violent death, maiming, and torture, but the most teenagers ever do/talk about doing/are rumored to do is kiss?  (Seems more like American standards than British ones.)  You've got to imagine Fred and George would've left a whole generation of ginger boys behind.  But back to this question, a pregnant Ginny might not be at the tower battle in Order of the Phoenix, and more people might have died.  Probably not much more of an effect than that, but I bet I blew your mind.


A few thoughts as I've been rereading/rewatching, and I'll have my final What-If tomorrow.

  • In the third book, when Harry dreams of missing a Qudditch match, Neville replaces him in the dream.  Seriously, foreshadowing was everywhere in the books.
  • I think the movies gave us 3 of the most awkward quasi-romantic scenes of all time (I'd say Top 3, but the Swingers phone scene is the all-time best!):
    • Harry awkwardly leaning in wanting to be part of the hug when they see Buckbeak killed.
    • Hermione wanting Harry to comfort her after bird-bombing Ron, and Harry just sitting there awkwardly without moving his arms.
    • The weirdly entrancing Harry-Hermione dancing scene in Deathly Hallows I.
    • It seems likely Deathly Hallows II will add to this category.
  • My favorite line is by Dumbledore (probably getting the wording wrong): I'm not afraid Harry - I'm with you.
  • Close second is Fred & George's "We're identical!" when they turn into Harry.

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