Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Movie Thoughts and Tidbits

Enjoyed the movie - a good capstone for the series.  McGonagall, the UnChosen One, and Snape got a little more love than the book, and Mrs. Weasley and others a little less, but two hours well-spent.  I'll post more thoughts in a week or so when everyone's had a chance to see it (and I've seen it again).

Found another blogger's post with more Harry Potter analysis than I've come up with: visit it if you dare.  (Some vulgarity if that bothers you.)

Finally saw the most awesome fact-checked journalism this morning.  These are 2 statements that were one after the other in an ESPN basketball story:

The United States, by virtue of winning the world championship in Istanbul last summer, is the only team to have qualified thus far for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
Great Britain, the host nation, also has been awarded a spot in the 12-team field.

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  1. right - US earned it, GB was given it. no other country has qualified yet