Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Human Nature

A number of varied experiences have led to the same summary of human nature: The Rules I Follow Should Be Enforced.  Finding this in religion and parenting didn't surprise me, but my Homeowners' Association has been most enlightening.  People cited for violations respond with "Yes, well, but did you see my neighbor?"  Not that they would want to file a complaint against that neighbor - hence the passive "Should Be Enforced".  Just a minor little rant.  I would love some counterexamples proving this wrong.


No one has suggested a What If so I'm going to have to go a bit further afield.  You have only yourself to blame.

What If Harry had learned Occlumency from Yoda?  Yoda turned a farmkid/pilot into a trained mindwarper in just one montage - what could he do with a magician honed through years of barely escaping superior wizards?  Even better would be the question of what Harry would see in Yoda's Pensieve - lust for a certain purple-lightsaber wielder?  An explanation of why Yoda hung out in a swamp for 40 years?  Just a few of the many incredible scenes this crossover could offer.

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  1. Okay, here you go: What if Jo Rowling had died before writing the seventh book, presumably by being accidentally buried under one of the truckloads of cash being delivered to her house thrice daily? Sure, Alan Rickman knew Snape was good, but did he have enough detail to fill in the gaps? Would we have been doomed to crappy fanfic endings to the epic series, or would Warner Bros have protected its potential movie earnings by designating a team of highly qualified literati to write book seven? For that matter, Warner Bros could have taken advantage of Rowling's absence to carry on the series/cash flow for far longer than it should have lasted, giving us ten more volumes at a fraction of the quality.