Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers (and HPWI)

Saw Transformers tonight, and it passed the subterranean bar of my expectations.  The highlights: surprisingly good cameos, someone actually says "Kill them all," some fun action, quasi-recognizable Transformers.  The lowlights: even given the premise, science was ignored; writing/directing/acting (as usual), the rest of the Transformers, the attempts to make it seem significant or emotional.  The story actually is worse than the first two, but individual scenes are definitely better than the second.  It will be exactly what you expect, whatever you expect.

Harry Potter What-If #3:
What If the Ford Anglia had something better to do (pretty much anything) than rush into Spider Grove and save Harry and Ron?  Harry and Ron become tasty spider treats, and OldTom sacrifices Ginny to corporealize (bad year for the Weasleys!).  I think OldTom would polish off Voldemort and his horcruxes.  Would Neville become the new Chosen One?  Maybe, but OldTom's the kind of up-and-comer who would finish what he started.


  1. The question is could Old Tom beat no-body Voldemort? How much more knowledge does Voldemort have over Tom and would it be enough to win? That assumes the 7 separated parts are as ambitious, ruthless and unwilling to share even with himself.
    I think this is disproved based on the actions of the snake that Voldemort kept around. I think the separate pieces would work together or even join together. What if the new Tom merge his 1/7 soul and body with no body Voldemort's 1/7 soul to become a single person with 2/7 soul?

  2. The snake is more Death Eater than embodied-soul like the diary. There is evidence in the last book/movie (trying to avoid spoilers) that a horcrux can be totally unaware of their status and unconnected to Voldemort. So I would assume that OldTom would be exactly as ambitious and unwilling to share as Voldemort.