Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harry Potter What-If #2

Sorry - no bigger blog post, but I wanted to keep my microseries going.

What If Snape had actually tried to protect the Sorcerer's Stone instead of writing a word problem, and put poison in all seven vials?  Hermione's dead, victim of her own faith in the educational system.  Harry is stuck in the room or dead if he tries another vial, but ... Quirrell/Voldemort probably keep trying to decipher the Mirror of Erised until Dumbledore returns, and that could give Dumbledore the chance to capture/destroy Voldemort at his leisure.  If Harry survives, he becomes just a rule-breaking know-it-all with no Impending Doom excuses for his misbehavior, and probably ends up the attendant on the Knight Bus, telling everyone that he's just waiting for his Prophecy to come true.


  1. No, Harry wouldn't have even known about personal prophecies... he would have been a flunky who was stuck in a loveless marriage, sorting coins out of the Ministry of Magic's Fountain.
    ~Karen (the cousin to whom you STILL owe twenty-five cents)

  2. You seem to forget the other 6 pieces of his soul that would eventually come after potter.

  3. So you contend that without Voldemort that Harry wouldn't have been even an average wizard? At the very least he would make an excellent replacement for Ron's dad in the ministry for muggle affairs. I think the question becomes without Voldemort does Harry push himself to be a great wizard or only average?

  4. Anonymous #2: The other pieces of Voldemort's soul seem to be passive, and Lucius would've been caught once Dumbledore interrogated Voldemort.
    Anonymous #3: Harry's only good school subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts, and without annual crises to prove his Chosen-ness, he wouldn't be favored by the teachers to become an Auror, so I don't know what would've happened to him. Might have become an unbearable Quidditch jock or something.