Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Found a Park!

I was heading to the gym for another 32-64 laps when I noticed a County Park sign.  I turned in and found a little piece of awesome.  Northeast Metropolitan Park is mostly sports fields (although they seem to be developing more of the land into parkness), but also has a lot of walking trails.  Most interesting to me is a lot of unmaintained land, including a 50-60 foot hill, which feels more like exploratory hiking than laps.  Also, the hill is the only slope I've found in the area to include up/downhill in my walking.  The park also had great benches and various features/touches I look forward to exploring.  I bet it's insanely crowded once sports leagues get going (at least 18 soccer/football fields and 8 baseball fields), but until then it will be a nice outdoors changeup to the gym's walking track.

In addition to helping my walking efforts, this is also going to count as my New Thing goal for January - this is what I want from that effort, to see more of what my community offers.

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